FBA Mixtape Vol.28


Posted on : 09-05-2012 | By : festinhabobanoape

Músicas de terror dançante, vulgo “Graveyard Pop”, que tem como maior ícone do gênero “Thriller”, de Michael Jackson, agora ganha mais uma digna representante pra essa sombria linhagem musical: M-O-N-S-T-E-R-H-E-A-R-T!  Música viciante que pode ser baixada gratuitamente aqui, graças a uma generosidade dos infernos do obscuro selo austríaco Sea You Records. Mas não se deixe seduzir pelo coro fofo de crianças cantando o refrão no fim porque, “in the dark of the night, when other creatures rest, I roar in the shadows, my lungs fall apart, but louder than my screaming is my MONSTERHEART!” Auuuuuuuuuuú!!! Espero que goste! Abs!



00:00 / 1. Monsterheart – Monsterheart (2012)
02:12 / 2. Junk Of The Heart (Happy) – The Kooks (2011)
05:08 / 3. Complexity – Boots Electric (2011)
07:54 / 4. Pineapple Elixir – Bicycle Voice (2012)
10:32 / 5. Moving On – The Sweet Serenades (2012)
13:40 / 6. IPC – Light Asylum (2012)
19:08 / 7. BB Bleu (Remastered) – Kid A (2012)
21:35 / 8. All Of Me – Tanlines (2012)
25:25 / 9. Don’t Have Any Legs – Crash & The Bandicoots (2012)
28:30 / 10. Pharaohs – SBTRKT (feat. Roses Gabor) (2011)
31:45 / 11. Kemo’ Yoo Keke – Anbuley (2011)
34:50 / 12. Now That I’m Real (How Does It Feel) – Chad Valley (2011)

“I Wait For The Rain To Wash Off Every Trace” (Monsterheart – Monsterheart)


Posted on : 08-05-2012 | By : festinhabobanoape

forsaken, forsaken in a cave
in the greenest of the forests
the dampest times of day
there i sit beneath the ones
of my breed and my blood
and clearly everpounding is my

i howl to the moon
the mother of my tribe
contribute all my strength
to the hunting, to survive
everytime i kill, a weird feeling
in my gut
but bellowing an answer is my

m o n s t e r h e a r t

dead animals swung tightly across
my tiny chest
in the dark of the night
when other creatures rest
i roar in the shadows
my lungs fall apart
but louder than my screaming is my

i wait for the rain
to wash off every trace
the wind is blowing hard
drying blood upon my face
crouching in a clearing
i give in to the dark
cause clearly everpounding is my

m o n s t e r h e a r t